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We have a great selection of order taker fundraisers, candy and more!  Great fundraising products to help your group earn the money you need! A great variety of fundraisers that nobody will refuse to donate.

Ordering is easy

1. Choose your fundraiser 2. Contact me to put your order in  3. Fundraising products get delivered to you from the First way fundraising group.

We have popular and unique fundraising ideas that has helped schools, church, sports teams, youth groups, and many more. Great selection of order taker fundraisers, candy fundraisers and high profit fundraisers! These fundraisers make selling fun and have the best profits! Free fundraising catalog and samples upon request.

Order taker fundraisers

Gourmet coffee fundraiser

Coffee bags cost $15.00 each. Fresh gourmet coffee. Choices are Breakfast blend, Donut shop blend, French vanilla, Hazelnut creme, Jamaican me crazy and many more.  Available in ground coffee bags or coffee machine capsules. Low minimum order of 25. Free order taker brochures.

Coffee travel mug fundraiser

Earn up to 70% profit. Great for coffee drinkers or athletes. Minimum order of 25 mugs. Keeps drinks cool or hot for 20 hours plus. Logo laser engraved, wont scratch off. Highest quality two layer steel with copper lining(on stainless steel mugs). Free order taker brochures.

Cookie dough fundraiser

11 Delicious flavors to choose from. Free order taker brochures.  Earn up to 80% profit. Selling price for $14-$15. Each tub makes approximately 30 cookies. May be frozen for up to 1 year and is shelf stable at room temperature (66*- 77*f) for 21 days. May be thawed and refrozen. Example: 25 members in your group sells 250 tubs of cookie dough  receives an average of $1050.00 in profit. The more you sell, the more you earn!

Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser

5 fun kits to choose from. Free order taker brochures. Earn up to 80% profit. Selling price for $13-$16. Soft pretzel nuggets, Soft pretzels, Cinnamon gooey bites, Cinnabon baking kit and pretzel kit.  Since 2004, Auntie Anne’s has been helping groups raise money to pay for valuable programs. Example: 25 members in your group sells 250 pretzel kits receives an average of $1300.00 in profit.

Popcorn fundraiser

10 gourmet flavors to choose from. Free order taker  brochures.  Earn up to 70% profit. Selling price $14 per bag. Popcorn is popped fresh per order. Healthy air popped and trans fat free. Example: 15 members in your group sells 150 popcorn bags receives an average of $630.00 in profit.

Snack fundraiser

Wide variety of snacks. Free order taker brochures. 26 Snacks to choose from. Earn up to 70% profit. All items only $7. Each product comes packed in a foil pouch. Example: 15 members in your group sells 150 snack items receives an average of $315.00 in profit. 

Candle fundraiser

Free order taker brochures. Earn up to 70% profit. Items sell for $10 – $22. Ceramic fragrance warmers, plugins, reed diffusers, mason jar candles and more. Example: 15 members in your group sells 150 candles receives an average of $720.00 in profit. 

Custom flip flop fundraiser

Retail for only $24.99. Custom flip flops with your  team logo on it. A custom flyer is created with your team logo on the flip flops. $5.00 profit per flip flop. Allow 6-7 weeks for production and delivery time. Free order taker brochures. no money up front to start this fundraiser.

Entertainment card fundraiser

No money up front. This product can be used as an order taker fundraiser. Membership is good for 1 full year. Selling price $20 per card. Quantity ordered. 1-24  cost $15  ($5 profit per card.) 25-199 cost $12 ($8 profit per card). 

High profit fundraiser

Scratch & help card fundraiser

Earn $100.00 per member in your group. Each card costs $20.00 That makes a profit of $80.00 per member. If you have 10 people in your fundraising group that makes $1000.00 in profits! Receive one Scratch & help card free for ordering 10. We accept debit cards, or major credit cards to purchase. Donor receives valuable coupons for donating amount scratched off on card. 

Candy fundraisers

Pretzel rods, Lollipops, $1 Chocolate bars, $2 Chocolate bars, and Cotton candy

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Candy, high profit and order taker fundraisers that earns great money!

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1 week delivery for candy fundraisers

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